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Having a business can be quite challenging but having one in one of the largest cities like Houston well an owner would need to really know their bookkeeping system and have the ability to correct mistakes quickly in order to maximize their profits and create residual income.

One mistake most people individuals make when starting a business is not reviewing or having the understanding of their bookkeeping system to be able to know whether their bookkeeper is accurately recording their income, expenses and transactions accordingly. Someone might think this is such a minimum job in a business that it is the sales department which is the most important position because they get the jobs right? Yes this is correct, however if an owner is not managing their bookkeeper on a minimum bi-weekly basis this can cause a down-ward spiral for the company silently without anyone knowing this until it is too late. I have seen this all too often a client will come into my office and inform me of the same situation how they trusted their bookkeeper to keep their financials, their bookkeeper sent their financials to their CPA and their CPA sent their tax returns to the IRS and before you know it they are owing the IRS $65,000+ dollars or more, don't let this happen to you. 


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