One Stop Tax & Business Solutions is Houston's leading bookkeeping and forensic investigative reporting we will find the missing link. 

We provide not only bookkeeping services, but also asset protection, wealth management and forensic accounting.

Forensic accounting typically relates to legal matters such as valuations, damages, divorce, bankruptcy, fraud, embezzlement, business disputes and the tracing of assets.

Our professionals can consult with clients about fraud prevention and can provide financial investigation services where fraud is suspected. If fraud is discovered, we can identify the economic damages and give expert witness testimony in cases that are prosecuted. Because the reputations of individuals and companies are at stake, our professionals are discreet when conducting investigations or assisting clients in the implementation of fraud prevention measures.

Our services consists of but not limited to:

Fraud Prevention

Assess an organization's fraud vulnerability through internal control analyses
Recommend policy and procedures to detect, prevent, and deter fraud

Fraud Investigation

Conduct financial investigations relating to theft, fraud, kickbacks, and conflicts of interest
Prepare reports to assist in the recovery of assets in civil and criminal procedures
Review the opposing expert’s damages report and report on the strengths and weaknesses of the report
Assist with settlement discussions and negotiations
Provide expert witness testimony

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Finding where the loophole is important knowing your litigation is very important we take the time and initiative to do a thorough investigation on the financial reports and records to find the errors and hidden assets others may look over. 

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